How to Become a Volunteer

  1. Fill out a Volunteer Application
    Online    printable PDF
  2. Schedule an interview with a Volunteer Coordinator
  3. Attend the Families First Volunteer Training
    • About Families First
    • About Abuse and Neglect
    • It's All About Prevention - Our Family Support Services
  4. Attend Program Specific Training
    • Family Support LIne
    • Children's Group Leader
    • Children's Treatment Center Staff Aide


  • August 3, 9-Noon
  • October 4, 6-9 p.m.
  • December 5, 9-Noon
  • February 1, 9-Noon
  • April 4, 6-9 p.m.
  • June 5, 9-Noon

What Our Volunteers Say

"At the end of the day, I feel confident that I was able to have a positive influence in helping families know that their situation is not hopeless-another reason I volunteer for Families First. I appreciate the staff for their support, and their recognition of volunteers as a significant part of the Families First organization."
Support Line Volunteer

"Isn't it wonderful to think that in some ways our efforts help to make the fabric of this society stronger?"

Volunteer Group Facilitator

"The reason I volunteer at Families First is where else can you fly kites, jump out of swings, chase bugs (big ones), paint rocks and oh-ya sometimes we read and do homework. What a great place!!"

Staff Aide at the Children's Treatment Center


Get Involved


Families First volunteers are vital to the success of our programs. Through their gift of time, volunteers improve the lives of abused and neglected children and help families prevent the cycle of abuse, often receiving as much as they give. There are many opportunities to make a difference!

As an Individual

Family Resource Volunteer

Position Overview: The volunteer will be trained to assist in all areas of Family Support Services program. The volunteer may provide intervention and information to parents and caregivers in need of support on the Family Support Line, assist in maintaining the Parent Library, research and update state-wide resources, network with professionals and assist with disseminating information about our services into the community. Time Commitment: 4 hours per week
Time Commitment: 4 hours per week

Children’s Group Leader

Position Overview: Group Leaders will provide a children's group for children age twelve and under during parent support groups and classes, and will plan and implement activities that enhance a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.
Time Commitment: 3 hours per week

Children's Treatment Center Staff Aide

Position Overview: An aide works alongside staff in caring for abused and neglected children. (Assists with homework, outings, meals and activities).
Time Commitment: 3 hours per week

As a Group

  • Organize a drive for school supplies, cereal, juice boxes, canned food or other needed items for the Children's Treatment Center.

  • Organize and staff a volunteer “Work Day”, helping with yard work and other projects at both the Children’s Treatment Center and the Family Center.