Families First Seminars

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Topics include:





Self - Esteem

Discipline vs. Punishment

Specific Topics

Teaching Children Responsibility

  • What is responsibility?
  • Why don’t kids accept responsibility?
  • What is my role as a parent?

Why Don’t These Kids Listen?

  • Are they deaf or just ignoring me?
  • Do I have to yell?
  • Whatever happened to respect?

Making the Most of the Parent-Teacher Relationship

  • Learn the importance of parent-teacher communication and methods of utilizing it to the benefit of your child.

How to Talk to Teenagers About Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol

  • Learn ways to develop relationship between you and your teen especially, when talking about difficult issues.

Parent Child Communication

  • Address the area of communication including tools and techniques to improve communication.

Stress Management for Parents

  • Learn to identify your life’s stressors, manage unavoidable stress, and improve time management.

Preparing Your Child for School

  • School readiness
  • Reading with your child
  • Establishing a relationship with your child’s teacher
  • Homework and creating a learning environment at home
  • CSAP’s and Standards for Education

Children and Technology

  • Learn the importance of understanding the technology used by children and having an awareness of the potential risks.

Grandparent Role and Relationship

  • Learn how to lessen the emotional charge in working with grandparents and in-laws by communicating and defining roles.

Dads and Moms

  • Learn the benefits of different parenting styles and how Dad gets engaged in parenting.

Learning Through Play

  • Learn the importance of play and unstructured time, as well as methods of allowing your child to unleash their creativity and lay the foundation for learning and success.

Building Confident Kids

  • Understand the challenges our children face and identify tools kids need to achieve, as well as addressing issues like anxiety, stress, and fear.

Partnering With Other Important Adults in your Child’s Life

  • Learn the value and ways of cooperating with the various adult influences in your child’s life such as day care, teachers, coaches, etc.