Zainab and Auben (now Shauna and Steven), were brought to the United States from an orphanage in Sierra Leone. After a failed adoption and a three-month stay at Children’s Hospital, the children spent several months at the Children’s Center where they had the chance to stabilize emotionally after all the trauma they had endured. A couple from Oregon who had previously adopted two other children from the same orphanage, found Zainab and Auben and jumped through hoops to parent our two kids. In 2004, their determination and commitment paid off. The following is an update:

Dear Ann,
We think about you all of the time! Shauna and Steven (formerly Zainab and Auben) are delightful, naughty, precious, OURS! They STILL speak fondly of their stay at Families First. I wanted to send our latest family picture, taken in December. I also wanted to let you know that Jason and I just returned from a trip to Zambia and South Africa. We are considering a move to Zambia within a year. If we go, we will stay for three years. All of the kids are thrilled. Shauna and Steven have grown to appreciate their African roots along with the rest of our family. I hope all is well with you and the wonderful staff at Families First.

Beckie Sibley

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  • Families First believes that parenting is a lifelong learning process.

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