Allie's Story

Allie moved to Families First when she was six years old.  She had learned a lot from her parents in her young life. You bathe in filling station bathrooms. You use drugs to stay calm. You discipline with fists. You eat what you can when you can. When your parents don't come home, …the whole story

RJ's Story

He spent his early years in an unpredictable, chaotic home. His parents were sometimes home. Sometimes not. When they were home, Jacob could expect one thing….to be hit or hurt. What he could not expect was that his parents would supply food, clothes, support or expressions of love. At some point this little child took on the job of protecting his younger siblings. He did this by taking the brunt of the abuse from their father. When his parents were not home, he would wander the streets to find relatives who might shelter him and his siblings and give them food. …the whole story

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