The Families First Support Line provides parental support, compassionate listening, public information and referrals to community services that our staff and volunteers believe may be helpful from what they learn during their conversations with clients. We are not licensed counselors and are only able to react to the information you provide and are not responsible for information withheld. Further, we do not screen any of the resources or contact agencies to determine the quality of service or to determine if a service will actually address your needs as we understand them. We believe you are the best person to decide what is best for your family and if the provider of services we put you in contact with is appropriate for your needs.

  • SupportLine is a confidential service. However, there are some circumstances where we would break confidentiality.
  • When we feel a caller or someone a caller talks about threatens harm to themselves or others.
  • When we have the caller's permission to speak to a third party.
  • When we have a court order to divulge information.
  • We are mandated reporters of child and elder abuse.
  • There may be occasions when another support line worker or staff member may listen to a call to assist in training, to support and to monitor our service to ensure quality.
  • Many of our funders require demographic information about the people who use these services. Information collected will be reported to funders in a confidential manner, in summary form, without your name.
  • Occasionally, we mail out information to callers regarding their needs. We will not share your personal information with outside agencies.
What We Do

Family Support Line - 1-877-695-7996
For times when parenting gets tough

The Family Support Line is a statewide resource for parents or primary caregivers with family concerns. Whatever the issue, we greet callers with compassionate listening and respect, offering practical answers and information on all aspects of family life and child development. We also make referrals to community resources. Whether one just needs to talk or is seeking specific information, trained volunteers are ready to assist. Callers may ask:

  • what behaviors are typical for specific ages
  • discipline methods that work
  • how to find time for themselves while single parenting
  • the trials and tribulations of living with teens or toddlers
  • setting limits and sticking to them
  • how to stop yelling or hitting
  • how to become more involved in their children’s education.

Callers experience great comfort in being able to discuss problems that appear overwhelming.

The Support Line is available daily. You may leave a message and your call will be returned within 24 hours. Our trained Family Support Line Staff offer assistance and referrals to any parent, caregiver, or professional willing to ask for help, regardless of circumstance.

Consejos para Familias - Para cuando el cuidado de nuestros hijos es dificil
Spanish-speaking parents may call the statewide, toll-free Spanish Family Support Line
1-866-Las-Familias – (1-866-527-3264)

Families First truly believes that asking for help is a sign of great emotional strength and that all parents and caregivers have skills to be nurtured and strengths upon which to build.