What We Do

FAQ About Children's Treatment Center

What kind of treatment does the Children’s Treatment Center provide?

We employ several treatment approaches to meet the developmental, social, and mental health needs of the children in our care. Rather than relying on one method regardless of the child, we construct a treatment approach for each child that is best suited to her needs. Attachment oriented treatment is at the core of our milieu program. Individual therapists employ attachment, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, family systems, behavioral analysis, and other methods. Medications are prescribed conservatively and are carefully monitored. Regardless of the technique, our treatment is always based on responsible standards of care and preserves the dignity and rights of the child and his family.

How can I make a referral to the Children’s Treatment Center?

We only accept children who are in the custody of the State. To make a referral or to discuss the appropriateness of our program for a particular child, please call the Children’s Treatment Center Director, Ann Afton, at 303-309-3930; or email her at ann@FamiliesFirstColorado.org

What are your staff qualifications?

All of our direct care staff hold a bachelor’s degree in social sciences; some hold a master’s degree. On employment all staff go through an intensive on-the-job training program which is followed up with monthly training, weekly staff meetings, and individual supervision as needed. Individual, group, and family therapy is provided by advanced doctoral candidate students from the School of Professional Psychology, University of Denver. We are proud to be a training site in considerable demand for these students. Our Clinical Director, a licensed clinical psychologist, is responsible for the direction of the clinical program, training, and therapy supervision. Community resources supplement our ongoing staff development efforts.

What makes you special?

Our small size and steadfast commitment to the best interests of children make the Children’s Treatment Center uniquely effective. Good treatment is founded on authentic relationships rather than places or methods, and we make sure that all our choices serve the therapeutic relationship between adult and child. At Families First genuine warmth and care is not diluted by large staff groups or the dictates of a standard treatment program. Each child can be treated in a truly individual way; every staff member knows every child personally and treats them accordingly. Every member of our team works directly with the children in some way, and even the newest staff person has the chance to learn first hand by working with the Program and Clinical Directors. All the people here are valued, professionals and children alike, which makes for an exceptionally stable community with a remarkably low rate of staff turnover.